Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Cloning Part 3

  As Skyril worked on getting Niall better, Gepard was busy on his mobile talking to Venice Rain.
  'Wait, so you know what's about to happen?', Gepard whispered into the phone.
  Dragona Pine's snoring was getting louder by the minute from where he lay upstairs in bed.
  'Yes, it's so obvious! All the bees are dying, therefore mankind is dying out also. It'll only be us sorcerers,' Venice said.
  'I think you may just be a tad wrong,' Gepard smirked, 'So you'll meet me at Gregovich Garden, right?'
  Gepard clicked the red button on his mobile and put it in his pocket. All these people, all around him, wore such weird clothing. He, on the other hand, liked to wear normal, human clothes. It's why he had so much cuts and bruises all over his body. Maybe he should get some clothes from Ghastly Bespoke, considering there was a major threat on the way.
  Gepard walked over to where a sad looking Niall sat.
  'What's wrong?' Gepard asked.
  'Uh, I dunno, maybe I JUST NEARLY DIED!' Niall said, shouting the last few words.
  'Well, haven't you nearly died before? It's quite common in the magical world...'
  Niall did a 'haw haw' smile at him and laid back down on the sofa, trying to sleep.
  As Gepard was about to walk away, Skyril came rushing up to him babbling something about an injured girl on the doorstep.
  They ran to the the front of the door, and Gepard saw a beautiful girl on the floor, blood splattered in a puddle around her. Gepard knew this girl. He knew she was magic origin anyway. I think she's a Biotic, Gepard thought to himself.
  'Come on Skyril, let's get her to a bed or something,' Gepard said.
  'You're awake,' Gepard said to the bloody girl from the doorstep, Nicolette Croga.
  'Yes. Thank you for taking care of me. It was terrible what happen--'
  'None of my business. But I do have to ask you something,' Gepard said, turning to the girl. Her features were startling. Her dark brown hair was flecked with blue highlights, her hazel eyes looked exactly like Gepard's before he used his powers for the first time, and when she turned to get a cup of tea, Gepard saw the faint outlines of falling feather tattoos on the small of her back through her white top. 
  'You see, we've heard from a Sensitive that there's trouble coming, and that trouble involves you. And also, have we met before?'
  They way the girl moved, it seemed as if Gepard had seen her do everything before.
  'I think we have.. I just can't remember when. I like your glasses..' The girl said, smiling.
  'Me too,' Gepard smiled back, feeling a bit stupid when he noticed he had put his hand into his orange juice.
  Nicolette laughed as Gepard cursed and looked for some kitchen paper.
  'So, I'll stay with you, for this Trouble thing,' Nicolette said.
  'Thank you, Nic.'
  At the moment Gepard had said Nic, she gasped.
  'What's wrong?' He asked.
  'Wha.. Oh, nothing. I just had.. Nothing, never mind,' the girl said.
  'Well, okay. Would you mind accompanying me to meet a... Friend?'
  'Umm.. Sure. Just let me get changed. Is this going to combat or casual?'
  'Might be a bit of both..'
  'Casual Combat it is then.' 
  Venice Rain sat at a small wooden bench in Gregovich Garden. The wood of the bench was seemed to have been hand carved, and small symbols had been etched into it. An eye here, a spiral there. The garden itself was not known to humans. And even if they did know about it, they wouldn't be able to see it, just a beaten down field. The tress were amazing, rising to the sky, yet they seemed small at the same time. They were as green as the perfectly kept grass. Then there was the mausoleum. The only building in the whole garden. It was as blue as a clear blue sky. Marble, of course. Venice sat there, gazing at the mausoleum, when she noticed someone to her right.
  'What are you doing here, Niall?' She asked.
  'Well, I need you. You know how much I love you, and I know you feel the same about me,' the boy answered.
  'Just leave.'
  'You don't want that, though.'
  'If I didn't want it, why would I say it?'
  'Fine, but just so you know, I'll never give up.'
  And she watched him walk away, the love of her life.
  'Okay, so we may need to fight. I've heard this girl fights anything she can, that she took down three magic communities in one night,' Gepard said to Nicolette, pulling her through into a secret room in the Safe House. Well, not much as a safe house as Skyril's normal house, just the words Safe House written on a rock outside the front door.
  'Oh... Wow,' Nicolette replied, her mouth like an o.
  'So now we're going to practice.'
  Gepard quickly closed the door and threw a punch in Nicolette's direction. As his fist was about to make contact her face, a little blue wave shot at him, sending him, with a crash, to the wall.
  He looked up, and snapped open his palm, Nicolette's hands too slow to stop the rush of air that sent her to the other wall across from Gepard.
  She smiled at him, and opened up her hands. A thin layer of blue energy formed around Gepard and his wall, like a semicircle. He touched it, and it rippled like when you poke water. Then he hit it, only to get a faster ripple.
  'You're strong,' he said to Nicolette as she got up and strolled over to him.
  She teasingly stuck her tongue out at him.
  'But not strong enough.'
  Nicolette gaped as Gepard's hands formed electricity and he shot at the semicircle. It broke though, and the energy faded straight away.
  'What the...'
  'Yeah... I can control lightning, or electricity, since they're kind of the same..'
  And then Nicolette's foot came up fast, hitting Gepard in the side of the head. He fell to the left, pushing out his hands to the ground, so not to hit his head. He kept out behind him, hitting Nicolette in the shin. She gasped as she fell to the floor. Gepard rolled over and pushed her hands down with his.
  'Draw?' he said.
  'Draw,' she agreed.
  He helped her up and unlocked the door, wiping the blood from his face with his sleeve. He turned to Nicolette and softly wiped some blood from her lip his thumb. She smiled and let a quiet laugh escape her lips.
  'Come on,' Gepard said, 'We've got a meeting.'


  1. Gepard you know you are soo talented right?? Of course you do I just told ye :P

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