Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Cloning Part 2

  The wind was fierce the day Gepard met Dragona Pine. The clouds were stormy overhead, and Gepard didn't like it. He had never told anyone, but the stormier it was, the more powerful he got. Right now, the adrenalin was rushing through his soul itself. He needed to calm down soon, or he knew something bad would happen. The same something that had made him a killer at the age of ten. Something he liked to call Lightning Let Go. Hopefully, today he'd be able to hold on to all the electric adrenalin running through his body.
  As he walked up to the greying building, he thought back to the day he became a powerful sorcerer, and a terrible murderer. They skies were bright, nearly summertime. He was ten, and playing on the grass in school. He hadn't any friends, but he didn't mind, because he had Them. Them was a name for the other Gepard's he saw around. He was the only one to see them though. Every day, in school, they sat next to him, and whispered funny things into his ears, or drew funny pictures to make him laugh. They kept him happy, whilst most of the other students tried to pull him down. One day he snapped. That specific day a boy came over and tripped him up, Gepard falling into a puddle of mud from the rainy night before. He got so mad. He felt an overwhelming feeling of adrenalin, almost electric. Then the skies grew dark, and he got up and faced the young man who had tripped him. This boy had been teasing him, and bullying him for far too long. Gepard's hazel eyes turned an electric blue and a shot of lightning from overhead struck the young boy. Gepard screamed and ran, knowing it was him that had killed him. Them never returned, and his eyes had stayed electric blue ever since.
  Gepard snapped back to the present time by a certain Montblanc yelling at him to get his 'fawt' ass in the door. Gepard turned to the sky and willed it to make the place a bit brighter. It worked. But only a little. He turned to Aquila, who had walked up on his right and nodded, as she turned to a slender, ginger fox. He then waved a hand at Niall, who was on the rooftop, and walked to the door.
  A slight budge and the door melted away. He walked in, Aquila on tight on his heels. Straight away, he ducked the bit of light coming into the building, and rolled to the left, into the shadows. He spotted Dragona Pine up at the very end of the building, sitting at a table, reading a book. There was a little table lamp next to him, giving off the sensation of warmth, and there were a lit candles on both sides of him.
  As Gepard crept along the the dark, stony floor, he could smell rotting flesh. This man had killed and kept the body. Disgusting.
  As he reached the end of the hall, and walked out of the shadows, he thrust the air into the stomach of Dragona Pine.
  "Now!" Gepard yelled.
  Aquila Felis jumped out of the shadows on the other side of  Dragona Pine, a fox when she landed.
  As Aquila growled at the man who was about to push at the air, Niall Montblanc began stating random facts from an open window on the roof.
  Dragona turned to Gepard.
  "Is he?" Dragona said.
  "Mhm, Northern Irish," Gepard replied.
  "Now," Gepard continued, "I just want to talk to you. And if you don't want to talk, I'm sure it'll be very bad for you."
  "I think I could take you. Three? Easy."
  "But what about twelve? Twelve strong Elementals," Gepard lied.
  "Oh. Well, talk away."
  "We're recruiting people. Something big is happening, and you're part of it. Help us?"
  Dragona reached to the floor and picked up a little notebook. He opened it.
  "Well, I've nothing else to do, so sure. Let's go."
  As they walked out of the building, Aquila started to whimper, then growl. Then she turned human and yelled, running from the place.
  "There's a bomb!"
  Gepard and Dragona usedd the air to push them faster as they ran, just a bit away from the building when it exploded.
  Niall, Gepard thought.
  Then he saw the boy getting thrown from the roof as the explosion grew bigger.
  "NIALL!" Gepard and Aquila shouted in unison.
  Gepard pushed the air as hard as he could and caught the boy as he fell.
  "Dragona, help!" Gepard shouted down as they fell, fast. The explosion died away, leaving a lot of burning rubble in it's wake.
  Dragona closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his hands, palms up, slowly rising. Gepard could feel the cushion of air being put underneath him, as he held tightly to Niall.
  When he reached the ground, Gepard laid Niall on the stoney ground.
  He used the CPR he knew, and the young boy's eyes slowly opened.
  Gepard smiled and hugged him tightly.
  "Come on," Gepard said, "Let's get you to a hospital."



    I can't wait for more, truly ^^

  2. This is great :D ... but so short! D: I don't want to wait that long again for more

    OOH Do me 2nd!! Or after Venice ^^

    Great story idea by the way ... I had a doppleganger kind of idea years ago ... I wrote some but never really published it.

    p.s. What happened to part 2 ;P

  3. Awesome Gepard :D
    Love it :D
    When is Part 3 out??

  4. Wow... I never knew you could write... :o

    *stares at it in awe*

    I don't think I can come up with a word to say how epic this is... Gepard, it's fantastic, so much more than fantastic, brilliant, awesome, epic, everything...

    *keeps staring*

  5. I have just realised that Niall gets almost killed very often...
    anyway, tis even more brillianter than before! :D

  6. AWESOME Gepard! I love this story so much!