Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Cloning: Part 1

  Gepard Valk watched the setting sun, the few long strands his short black hair blowing in the wind. Footsteps behind him.
  "You got a haircut?!" Skyril moaned,walking up to him.
  He nodded.
  "But I LOVED your old hair! It was so cool!"
  Gepard smiled. Something he didn't do often, only on special circumstances.
  As Skyril started to poke Gepard's hair, maybe thinking it would grow back if she kept at it, a man walked up beside them.
  "Skyril, what are you doing?" Niall Montblanc asked. A boy of about sixteen. His short black hair not combed, not not gelled, just left in a messy sort of way, and his brown eyes, shielded by glasses like Gepard's own, seemed to stare into your very soul.
  "Well, as you can see, Gepard got his hair cut. No boy of fourteen should get their hair cut by themsel-"
  "Well who should I have gone with?! I have no family! So shut up and get over my damn haircut!" Gepard snapped.
  "Okay, jeez."
  "Who are we waiting for?" Niall asked, trying to break the tension.
  "Quinn, Kallista Pendragon, and Aquila," Gepard replied, "But I must warn you.. Kallista Pendragon... She's a bit odd."
  "How odd?"
  "Like she threw herself off a building, somersaulting, landed on a car, without using the air to slow herself down, then started laughing odd."
  "Oh, that kind of odd. Well, okay then," Niall said, starting to hum some Jazz.
  They waited about fifteen minutes before Quinnera Elviana appeared. A ten year old with an attitude. But she was the best Sensitive in Ireland, even though she was British.
  "Quinn," Gepard nodded.
  "Hi! Do you have a lollipop? I'm really hungry," she whined.
  Gepard pulled a wrapped lollipop from his jacket pocket and handed it to the girl, who instantly began squealing.
  Aquila Felis arrived ten minutes later, in one of her four forms-- the fox. She walked up to Quinn, and let her the girl stroke her.
  They had to wait another five minutes for Kallista Pendragon to appear. But she didn't walk up the back of the mountain top they were on, oh no, she had to push the air under her, and rise up in front of them, and flip forward onto the edge of the cliff.
  "Show off," Gepard mumbled under his breath.
  "Oh, Gepard, how lovely it is to see you!" Kallista said, giving Gepard an unwanted hug. He hated hugs. Too warm, too loving.
  "Hi," he muttered.
  As Kallista greeted the group, her greeting forming out of hugs and kisses, Gepard strolled to the exact edge of the cliff.
  He coughed to get their attention.
  "The reason I called you, is because I've heard something is stirring. Something terrible. Something about.. The Exact Copies. I don't know what this means yet but.. Well, it seems bad. Now Quinn, you said you would try to see what it is, so, please go ahead."
  "Okay," the young girl said, throwing her lollipop stick over onto the cliff-surface.
  She closed her eyes, and her mouth started to twitch. Aquila transformed to human, and held the little girl, ready to catch her if she fell.
  The girl only uttered a few words, but they were enough.
  "There will not be one, but two. Be careful who you trust, for they might not be the same."
  Quinn opened her eyes and asked, "What did I say?"
  Niall was the one to answer. "You said.. You said; 'There will not be one, but two. Be careful who you trust, for they might not be the same."
  "Oh.. Well all I remember seeing was us.. And a few other people. Something tells me we need to go find those people."
  "How come you're talking like a grown-up now?" Niall asked.
  "Because I feel mature. Now give me another lollipop, Gepard," the young girl ordered.
  "Later. We need to recruit the people you saw. Who were they?"
  "Octaboona Ambrosius, Isabella Midnight, Lilith Nightshade, Dragona Pine, Darkane Claw, Everisse Eterna, Lunar Tears, Nicolette Croga, Pyro Dawn Tyromant, Nyx Dawn, Thalia Circe, and Venice Rain."
  "If I didn't know any better, I'd say we're forming ourselves an army," Gepard said, "Let's go."
  The six sorcerers began their decent down the steep mountain. The first and last thing anyone said on the way down was:
  "I still don't like your haircut."



    I LOVE it!
    But, can't your oc start to LIKE my hugs? Just a wittle bit? Pweese?
    Fantastic writing Gepard! Love everyting about it! Can't wait to read more!
    Epic begginging!




    I love your story, it's so amazing.

  3. :D Sweet start Gepard I can already tell I am going to like this ...

    I just love the way Kallista is written ... I can so imagine it :P

  4. i love this Gepard :D
    i cant wait to read Part 2 :D

  5. Haha! Awesome-sauce! Such an epica beginning! :D
    ~can't possibly wait for very long at all for more because I'll explode sooner rather than later~ O.o
    ~low moan, rising in tone every second~
    pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssse mmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  6. Awesomeness Gepard. I loved Quinnin this, especially Kal XD Epiclly written. Maybe Rue could make an appearence? :P

  7. *grins* YAY! :P i was wondering when my name was gonna turn up! ;)