Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Cloning Part 4

  As Venice watched the boy and girl approach, she noticed the daggers in their socks and the inside pockets of the girl's coat. They boys short, spiky hair was as black as soot, and the colours of his eyes were like lightning. Once, Venice swore she saw lightning shoot across them. The girl's dark-brown hair blew in the light breeze, giving off the idea that she was modelling. Venice laughed a little to herself as the girl lost her balance and nearly fell, the boy catching her, smiling with his eyes as she looked up at him, thankfully.
  They made the rest of the way to her, and the boy extended his arm, waiting for a handshake. Like she would ever shake hands with some boy.
  The boy looked down to his hand, then dropped it to his side.
  "I'm Gepard," the boy said.
  Oh, Venice thought, the boy from the phone.
  "And this, um.. my apprentice, Nicolette."
  Nicolette turned to the boy and her seemed to drive knives through his head. Gepard smiled and laughed, obviously something he hadn't done very often as his laugh was sore to his throat.
  "So, are you coming?"
  "Coming where?" Venice asked, her voice soft.
  "To our super secret base! We keep little children chained up in the basement and make the maid do everything! She even feeds us! Also, I'm lying. It;s just a house," Nicolette laughed.
  Venice stared at the girl, annoyed.
  "Does she have to come?"
  "Yes, yes she does," Gepard answered, a sight smile in his lips.
Kallista's dagger flashed past Gepard's head, and he fell to the floor. When he looked up, he laughed. "You're good," he told her. "Very, very good." 
  Kallista reached down and helped him up, beaming through the whole process. "Thanks!" Then she started dancing.
  "So, what's your story? Where'd you learn it?"
  "Nowhere. I just know it."
  Gepard nodded slightly before exiting the training room and shrugging on his overcoat. Time to go out--he had some business to take care of.
  Once he was outside he turned around and touched the door handle of the house with his palm. A light shimmer of blue washed over the old thing and Gepard knew they'd be safe. After all, he'd learned how to do it from the one and only China Sorrows.
   Feeling that the people inside the house were safe enough, Gepard turned and ran. Ran and ran. Ran and ran and ran and ran. And he kept running. On and on for what seemed like hours... until he came to a stop, somewhere just outside of town. It was time to fight. He knew what was coming--he knew what he'd be facing. Quinn had told him.
  He'd told her that he needed to know and she'd told him few words. They were enough though.
  "Your worst enemy is yourself."
  All that added up with what she'd said before just told him what he needed to know. It told him everything.
  Gepard readied his sword, leaving it hang down by his side. There they were--the army. But it was his army. They looked exactly the same, clothes and all. There was Kallista, her smile bubbly and warm. And Dragona, looking as if he could kill everyone. And by the looks of their skin alone they seemed indestructible. Yes. Their skin was different--it looked like... metal.
  Gepard ran on, his sword raised high above his head, until he met the army waiting to send him to his demise... 


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