Friday, November 11, 2011

My Gift to Pyro.

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant stood under the shade of an old tree which, by the looks of it, seemed to have the capability to fall over and whither into ash at any moment. He wore a torn, worn-to-the-point-that-it's-not-even-a-describable-colour trench coat. It blew slightly in the wind, along with his light brown hair, which seemed to have a light flame running through it.
  Rain stormed from the skies as the clouds grew dark. Pyro looked upwards, wary. He clicked his index finger with his thumb and spark shot from the fingers into his palm, where it grew and became a flicker, then a ball of monstrous flames. He curled his fingers and the flame hovered upwards. He put up his palms to the floating fireball, to warm them. His sea-blue eyes lit up with delight as someone approached him, but then they became dark as the newcomer extinguished the fireball with a wave of their hand.
  "Pyro.." the newcomer whispered, their voice sad and deep. It was obviously a man.
  "What's wrong, Octa?" Pyro asked, sadness being thrown around in his eyes. Pyro's eyes always showed how he felt. Octa, who wore the same coat as Pyro, but more worn, rested a hand on his shoulder.
  "It's Raif... The Banishers got him."
  Pyro's whole body erupted in flames and his eyes turned pure red. Octa backed away fast as the flames grew bigger.
  "Pyro, calm." Octa seemed to order him.
  "No, brother, I won't calm!" Pyro shouted, the flames growing even bigger. Octa stepped forward, a fierce look in his emerald green eyes. Pyro's flames diminished, the slight flame in his hair staying, and he look at his brother.
  "I'm gonna finish them, once and for all. They got Raif, RAIF! I have a plan. It won't fail."
  Pyro turned and walked away, the rain splattering his coat as fire rose around him.

This is part 1 of, like, 4. It's all for Pyro because he's so awesome! Also, I wanted Octa's OC to be younger, so I made him younger. :P