Sunday, October 23, 2011

And The Darkness Rained Upon Them

The man with the cowboy hat tilted his head upwards. What were those things? They seems to be… some sort of swarm of darkness. But darkness didn't just fly about. Then he saw one of them separate, and he realized what they were. The man ran, his trench coat flapping behind him. He ran into an alley and wrinkled his nose at the smell of pee and gone off food. He hopped over a fence, the dirt sticking to it smothering his hands. It was following him. He could see it out of the corner of his eye. He turned a corner, getting hit by clothes hung on a washing line.
  He tripped and fell, the thing was closing in. It was only a few metres away now. It was like a shadow, with a mouth and hands.
  He lifted his arms and opened his palms. He shot two jets of red energy at the creature. It went straight through. He backed up slowly then turned and crawled. He hid behind a box. The thing seemed to be developing eyes. It opened them, and found him. There was nothing he could do. He tried to fight the thing as it scampered down his throat, but it was impossible. The Remnant was now in control. And the darkness rained upon him.
The girl sat in the corner of her bedroom. The shadows had crawled inside her mother. She'd ran to her bedroom and locked the door. She knew the shadow would get through eventually. She knew it. It was inevitable. 
  "Cindy dear, it's okay, the monster is gone," her mother's voice said from behind the door.
  Cindy watched the door. The door handle was slowly pushed down.
  "Want to come out?"
  Cindy watched the door. Shadows were creeping through the holes between door and wall. 
  "Leave me alone!" Cindy yelled, pushing herself back to her window. She knew it wouldn't open. It had been stuck closed since they had gotten there.
  "I just want to make you happy," her mother said.
  "No you don't. You want me to become one of those things!"
  "I know what's best for you," her mother said, slamming her shoulder into the door. It burst open adn Cindy gasped. Her mother's face was lined with black veins. 
  "What have they done to you?!"
  The shadows were creeping around Cindy. She started banging on the windows, trying to get someone's attention. But of course, no one in this world would ever help another human being.
  She grabbed at her throat as the shadow slithered down, taking hold of her very soul.
  Her eyes closed, and the darkness rained upon her.
"C'mon, Mr. Tibbles!" Timmy shouted, trying to get his dog to run. "They're after us! We need to run!"
  "Arf!" Mr. Tibbles replied, pulling away from Timmy. 
  "Fine! Stay here! But I'm leaving!"
  Timmy ran, tears strolling down his face. He could taste them, salty.
  A slither of black in front of him. He turned and ran in the opposite direction. Must. Keep. Running. Timmy thought to himself.
  Another slither. He was surrounded. He could see the blackness, closing in. He ran to Mr. Tibbles and hugged him tight. He closed his eyes as something slid down his throat, opening them for one moment to see darkness sliding into Mr. Tibbles too. They both coughed,  and the darkness rained upon them.


  1. WOW Gep! Fantastic! horrifing to! Really chilling and well written! I had fun reading it. :D
    I love your creativity! Huggies for th ewriter!
    *huggies GEp* YAAAAAAAY

  2. A whole swarm of them?
    *wonders how he'll get rid of them*